A 3 x 8 x2.5 m steel mesh enclosed rectangular structure located in a regulated area is allocated as a simulation zone to develop new models through purposeful zoning, all the while also acting as a central space for connection. The audience is free to enter the structure and explore the boundaries of personal spaces within the keeping of another’s. 

LIV_ID collective joined A/PART with the contribution of Hedge, consisting of 3 fish tanks arranged at the base of the iconic Sathorn Unique (aka Ghost Tower). Fish were bought from nearby Wat Yannawa, but instead of releasing them immediately into the river they were given new luxurious homes to live in for 2 weeks and released into the river later. The fish tanks were viewable from inside a mesh enclosed structure entered through Bridge Arts Space.


Hedge joins the inhabitants of Sathorn Unique . The unparalleled panoramic views offered reflect the heart of this immersive experience. Designed for fulfilled living and wholesome preservation, true autonomy appears as if by magic