LIV_ID, an artist run collective, curates, produces and positions art works as disruptor, experiment and pause for thought. Connecting maker and crowd, we aim to facilitate dialogue beyond typical art world boundaries. Creating new experiences for new audiences through encounter we encourage audiences to consume, explore and entertain interruption. Facilitated projects blur the boundaries of new-media, performance and installation art.



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Rebecca Vickers

Rebecca Vickers is an interdisciplinary artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. She received her Bachelor of Science in Fine Art and graduated with academic honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2007, following which she moved to Bangkok where she received an MFA in Visual Arts from the Faculty of Painting, Silpakorn University in 2014. Vickers’ practice often utilizes a process of collection, framing instances of the everyday in a manner through which their extraordinary nature is brought front and center. She is the English Editor of art4d magazine and teaches at Mahidol University International Demonstration School.


Earng Bongkoch Chansri

Earng Bongkoch is a Bangkok native. She worked in creative marketing and design fields before co-founding Bridge arts space. Bridge has grown into a staple of Bangkok's creative district gallery scene, showcasing Thai and international artists. Exhibitions range from conceptual to street art, connecting crowds in Bangkok. 


Elissa Ecker

Elissa Ecker is an interdisciplinary artist and lecturer currently living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. She holds a BFA from the Peck School of the Arts at The University of Milwaukee and an MFA in Art Practice from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Elissa’s work, often wry in execution, plays within the notions of femininity, questioning and inhabiting to expand the understanding of the concept.